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Congratulations, you've finally found the best place in the world to get your morel mushrooms. Morels are delicate, exotic and downright delicious gems of nature. If you want year round morels, this is the place to plan for a steady supply. Morel mushrooms is what we do, and all we do, and we think we do it better than anyone else. Our proprietary process of cleaning, sautéing, flash freezing, vacuum sealing, then careful storage and shipping allow you to have insanely delicious morel mushrooms any time of the year. ChoiceMorels!


Our mission statement says it all:


Each spring our dedicated mushroom hunters set out in this prime Midwestern morel mushroom country searching for one of the world's most prized mushroom. ChoiceMorels are found and harvested in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, mostly along the Mississippi River valley. Our morels are picked in the wild during the month of May, starting with the little black and gray beauties, and ending the season with the yellow giants. We work with our pickers daily to quickly select, clean, process, flash freeze and package ChoiceMorels to insure the "unsurpassed quality" part of our mission statement. This is a lot of hard manual work, and no corners are cut. We want to provide nothing less than THE BEST.


ChoiceMorels are kept carefully frozen and ready to ship throughout the summer, fall and winter months, or until we sell out for the season. Then ya' just have to wait till spring again! ChoiceMorels are shipped to you in a reusable insulated container carefully packaged with plenty of dry ice. Again, no corners are cut. Your morels will arrive ready to use in that insanely delicious recipe of yours. Or for sheer decadence, simply pile them on a steak. Ah, life is good when you have ChoiceMorels on hand. And now you can keep them on hand all year long. Try some for yourself!



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